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Laravel | Laravel Basic

Laravel Redirection

Laravel provides 'Redirect' facade and redirect() to redirect the user to the specific location. There are some methods you can use it such as Redirect::to(), Redirect::route(), Redirect::back(), Redi...
Laravel | Laravel Basic

Laravel Views

Laravel view files locate into resources/views folder. Laravel uses blade template engine to manage view. Of course, you can extend views like include system into core PHP. Laravel provides multiple w...
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Laravel 5 FormRequest Validation with JavaScript

Laravel Javascript Validation reuses your Laravel FormRequest Validators to validate client-side forms automatically without writing any Javascript. Laravel Form without refreshing page or by using Ja...
Laravel Example

Laravel Route with JavaScript

Get Laravel route alias into JavaScript with the same name and user-friendly URL. Export a JavaScript object of your Laravel application's named routes. Use Laravel route function into JavaScript.
Laravel Example

DataTable 8 as service with Laravel 5.5

jQuery Yajra Datatable integration with Laravel 5.5. Yajra Datatable version 8 as service implementation in Laravel 5.5 With code snippet Here you can see...
Laravel Example

Laravel with Turbolinks js

Laravel with Turbolinks js, Turbolinks js used XHR request or AJAX request to get data from specific URL.Turbolinks js merge only head tag from next your page request. When your original response is t...
Laravel Example

Laravel Pusher

Laravel Pusher tutorial - Laravel pusher is a package that provides live event broadcasting from one source to multiple listeners. Here is simple live comment example how you can utilize Laravel pushe...
Laravel Example

5 Ways to Get Last Inserted Id in Laravel

You can use five different methods to grab last inserted ID from your database using MySQL with Laravel. Method one is to use insertGetId() method. Second method is to use lastInsertId() method. The t...
Laravel | Laravel Basic

Laravel Session

Laravel provides diffrent drivers to handle the session. Like file, cookie, database, apc, memcached, redis or array. Laravel default driver session driver is file. Session file store into into storag...